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Order of Merit 2022


Paul Dorrian

24 Oct 2022

It started off as a filler for a webpage. An innocent query turned it into a bit of a monster. Twenty-five long competitions later we have a result. In fact, we have lots of results, but as with most things in life, there can only be one winner. Following the completion of the October Medal, we can announce that the winner of the inaugural Order Of Merit is Ian Mackie.

Over the season Ian amassed a massive total of 1573 points, an average of 62.92 points per competition. You might have been tempted to think that such a total would have seen Ian out of sight. Yet for much of the season, he was hunted by none other than his regular playing partner John Watson. In the end, the difference was a mere 48.5 points, less than two points per competition result. When we spoke with the pair Ian was his usual laconic self (he would have given Sean Connery’s James Bond a run for his money) professing that he had not really paid that much attention to proceedings, but his wife had kept him current with regular updates. John had less to say, but some of that involved lawyers and access to records. And having agreed to be just as inseparable as always, the pair paused long enough to have their photograph taken. As they wandered off you were left with the impression that any of their twenty-five competitions together would have been a master class in wry humor that Neil Simon could have learned a thing or two from.

Third place went to Darren McCutcheon with 1370 points. Another nineteen members reached the impressive landmark of one thousand points or more.

Originally the Order Of Merit set out with the intention of identifying those members who performed at a consistently high level throughout the whole of the season. There seems little doubt that the competition succeeded in its aspirations. The final results have been posted in the usual place on the website and if you have any queries about individual results etc then contact the club by the usual online route and we shall be happy to help:

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