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Hole 7
The Corpse

Par 3


SI: 5

Par 3


SI: 5

Par 3


SI: 11


A tough par 3 which depending on the wind can range from a 9 iron to a 3 wood!!! 3 bunkers surround this small green with another roll-off area left makes this a tough green to hit, hit the green, and 3 is pretty much there but miss the green and this could easily become 5.


This hole is sponsored by:

blue zulu golf.png

Thank you once again for the opportunity to sponsor the 7th hole at Annanhill Golf Club. I would like to detail the services I currently offer, and those I plan to offer in the coming months. My services are available 7 days a week and after-hours if needed at no additional cost.



Golf Grips 

I can either supply or fit golf grips for Clubs or Putters supplied by the client. 

• Fitting of client grips              £2/club

• Supply and fitting from           £10


Supply and fit will depend on the manufacturer and type, please note that I get great trade prices on Lamkin grips and will pass on this discount to my customers. 



Shaft Fitting

From replacing broken iron, Wood, and driver shafts, to either extending or reducing shaft length, along with ferrule replacement:


  • Steel iron shafts replacement from                       £20

  • Driver / Wood Shaft Replacement From               £60 

  • Putter shaft replacement from                              £20 

  • Shaft Extension                                                     £10 / club 

  • Shaft Reduction                                                     £5 / club 

Swing weight assessment 

For those looking to dial in their club swing weight throughout their set, we offer the following service:

• Full set assessment                                                   £10 


Swing weight correction will depend on the desired balance, this would need to be quoted on the day and could result in, grip or shaft replacement, or additional weight added to the tip/head of the club.



Custom Refurbishment

Putting a personnel touch to those special clubs from a full recoat of a Putter, Wedge or Iron to touching up the detailing back to original. Along with removing scratches and bumps and polishing:

  • Full wedge or putter head refurbish                       £40

  • Polish and scratch removal                                      £20

  • Sky mark repair                                                       £20

  • Detailing From                                                        £20



Future planned services


• Loft and lie assessment and adjustment 

• Custom laser detailing works for Wedges and putters



I only use genuine original manufacturer's parts and materials and use Cerakote in the coating process. 



Thanks again for the opportunity


Kind Regards 


Dave Waddell ( The Blue Zulu) Mobile – 07951910595








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