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Jim Speirs


Paul Dorrian

1 Sept 2022

Captain Annanhill Golf Club 1997

Most sporting clubs have them. The member who stands out from the rest. Some of these individuals are referred to as characters. Others are labelled legends, even though their fame hardly exceeds the allotted fifteen minutes. And then there are those, a few, who rise so far above their peers that a special place must be reserved for them in the realm of Respect.

This week sees the annual celebration that is the Jim Speirs Memorial Tri-Am. A day when Annanhill recalls a true titan. Should you take the time to peruse the Honours Board in the clubhouse you cannot fail to be impressed by how often Jim’s name appears among those golden letters. On twelve occasions between 1979 and 1994 he won the Club Championship. Then, following a gap of twelve years, Jim was Champion again in 2007 so not only did his title wins include at least one in each of four consecutive decades but he also claimed a championship in two different centuries. The mind should boggle.

Jim’s prowess extended beyond the boundaries of Annanhill. Three years before his first club title win Jim lifted the Ayrshire Boys Championship. He also won the prestigious Hillhouse Trophy and was Ayrshire Champion of Champions in consecutive years 1986 and 1987.

The following words are from current members of Annanhill G.C. People who knew Jim and wanted to record their own personal tribute. The Jim Spiers Memorial Tri Am, held annually at Annanhill Golf Club, is an opportunity for the family and friends of Jim to come together to remember him. We gather in respect and love for our friend whom we knew as “Wee Man”. Small in stature perhaps, but a giant in many other ways. He was renowned for his natural ability and recognised as one of the finest golfers of his generation.

His skill around the golf course was something that those of us lucky enough to play with him could only marvel at. One of our own, blessed with a talent that was the stuff of dreams. His ability led him to excel not only on his beloved Annanhill but in prestigious competitions further afield. Many of the best golfers that Ayrshire has produced knew the name of Jim Spiers and held him in the utmost respect.

Make no mistake though, even a modest golfer playing their heart out on any given Saturday would have found good company in Jim. He just loved the game and appreciated the efforts of all those with similar ambitions of pars and birdies, no matter their actual ability level. He was in short, the best of company, especially on the fairways of the place that he called home.

With fondness, we recall not only Jim’s golfing prowess but his modesty, his infectious good humour and his kind and generous nature. Be in no doubt, Jim loved his golf and he loved Annanhill Golf Club, but Linda and his family always came first. A man who had an abundance of talent and who also knew what was important in life and where his priorities lay.

This Sunday, the fourth of September, we will gather as we do each year to remember the Wee Man. At the 16th hole, named in his honour, we will pause, take a breath and spend some time reflecting and remembering Jim. Our Tri Am aims to celebrate Jim’s life and is one of the best-attended charity days on the Ayrshire golfing calendar. 

Through this vehicle, we aim to raise as much as possible for the Ayrshire Hospice and have, through the generosity of those taking part, managed to donate tens of thousands of pounds for this very worthy cause.

Join us for a great day of golf and be part of contributing to a fantastic cause in remembrance of our good friend.

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