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Course Update for 2024


James Mclean

5 Feb 2024

Work is underway from East Ayrshire Leisure to move the current main green at the 1st hole. The green will be brought forward and to the left (next to where the wooded area is situated). The hole will now measure 395 yards (White tee box), 365 yards (yellow tee box) & 322 yards (Red tee box). We have also renewed the 1st medal tee, the 9th medal tee (which includes moving the yellow tee box back to create a par 5) and we've done work on revetting some bunkers at the 7th and 11th holes respectively. The 1st green should be ready for play for all golfers by the summer. The current main green will remain in play for competition golf only.

Work is also planned to move the 4th green to the left - scheduled for late autumn 2024. 

There is no intention from EAL to move the course to a 9-hole course whilst these works are being completed. Work has also begun on a path network around the course and some biodiversity improvements including some new pond features at the 5th/14th and the 7th holes respectively. This is scheduled to be completed by the start of the season’ We look forward to welcoming both current and prospective new members for the upcoming 2024 season.

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