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Captain vs Vice Captain


James McLean

8 May 2022

Results from the Captain vs Vice Captain - Sat 7 May 2022

Thanks to all 17 teams that participated in today's Captain (Scott Goldie) vs Vice-Captain (Colin Paton) tournament.

There were some outstanding scores submitted and the fact that -7 finished in last place shows you the quality.

The results are as follows:

Captains Team - Scott Goldie

50 points

Vice-Captains Team - Colin Paton

51 points

The Vice-Captain wins the shield and the kudos for the rest of the season!

Top teams:

Captain - 54pts

Michael Lynn

Kenny McQuade

David McGawn

Barry Wilson

Vice-Captain - 55pts (picture above)

Davie Bolland

Davie Irvine

Lorna Irvine

Value Gillies

Well done to all and especially the clutch put on the 18th from Davie Irvine to claim the vital point the Vice needed to claim victory overall!

I will keep you posted for the next team event which will be played on 11th June - it is in the progress of being set up and it is going to be a completely new event to add to the calendar.

Davie Pratt

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